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If you’re looking for a professional ball machine that’s as much at home on a home court as it is at a tennis club, the Competitor Model is tough to beat. The Competitor features an easy-to-use electronic control panel that puts every function at your fingertips. You can conveniently control ball speed trajectory, ball feed rate (the time interval between ball throws), and ball spin. Ball speed ranges from a gentle toss for children to world-class speed. Ball trajectory can be set anywhere between groundstroke and lob, while ball feed rate adjusts anywhere from 1-1/2 to 12 seconds. Ball spin is adjustable from heavy topspin to underspin, with a “flat” setting in the middle of the dial. That means you can easily duplicate the tennis shots you need to practice, from blistering groundstrokes to towering lobs.

You can set Tennis Tower to repeat the same shot, or its built-in oscillator will direct shots randomly across the court. But we didn’t stop there. The Competitor includes several other distinctive features to further enhance user-friendliness. Features like four oversized caster wheels and a built-in handle for easy rolling on and off the court. A handy AC cord holder, and a start-up time delay that pauses ten seconds after you turn it on to give you ample time to get to your side of the net. Tennis Tower also features a big 250-ball capacity, and an exclusive anti-jam ball feeding mechanism.

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