May 6, 2017 cargo ship under the golden gate bridge

Welcome to our new website

Long overdue is an understatement.  Partnering with several website creators, finding the right fit to match our needs, and making progress on this very important project took much longer than anticipated, but it is finally here!  We are so very proud to share it with you.

What You Can Expect

Fresh New Look:  We wanted a new website that was both beautiful and functional.  But we especially wanted our customers to experience improved navigation, allowing you to seek the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

Detailed Product Information:  A complete and up-to-date product list with images is now available.  In addition, many products have more detailed information and links to in-depth product specifications.

Product Reviews:  Having our valued customers provide honest feedback about our products and services is a new feature we are very excited about.  Reviews are a wonderful resource for consumers, and we are happy to share with you the enthusiasm our customers have for both the quality and value of our materials.

Reference Materials:  Industry specific reference materials are now available throughout the website and more being added regularly.  Such as specifications on various sport court layouts, helpful install guides for products, as well as industry standards and certifications.

Quote Requests:  You now have the capability to build and request a custom quote.  Simply select the products and click the ADD button. Then view and edit your quote list, fill in your contact information and click Submit.

Stay tuned for future product news and announcements, more helpful product tips, and much more.  

Share in Our Excitement

We are confident you will agree that we bettered everything about our website, and made it much more accessible and user-friendly.  Should you have any questions and/or feedback, please do CONTACT US.

In addition, if you are a current and/or long-time customer, we would love your feedback as well!  Please contact us with notes on your experience.

Many thanks for your ongoing support, we look forward to assisting you!

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